Wacky Wanderers

Diane Neldon and Kaylyn Brians

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We are a mother (Diane) and daughter (Kaylyn) team and we are the Wacky Wanderers.

We have always been wanderers, whether it is one of our road trips, travel to another country, or even within our own city. We enjoy getting out in nature or in the beauty of architecture.

We are also gatherers and come from a long line of gatherers. Picking up mementos from our journeys. Be it a rock, piece of wood or a beautiful crystal or keepsake we find at a special shop. Kaylyn collects memories in her amazing photography.

Our journey has taken a new path. We are excited about what we do and create in our designs and collections. We have made the leap of faith to follow our dreams. We have moved to the Pacific Northwest and work for us. We strive to inspire, to be an inspiration to others and to ourselves. Join us on our journey

Thank you,
The Wacky Wanderers
”Making Memories Wearable”

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“You are a unique beauty, a one of a kind individual and desire to express the beauty that is you”

We all have something that makes us who we are, unique individuals, one of a kind. Like us, nature has such a beauty. A beauty that draws us in. It can evoke feelings of calm, wonder, and happiness. It can even take us to a memory of a place once traveled or even another world. Now you can have the beauty of nature, the one of a kind piece that is designed for the one of a kind you.