Our Story...

The Red Cock Artisan Marketplace had at its roots an idea of bringing together local artisans and craftsmen on the Central Oregon Coast.  Since 1972 the store has served as a local shop for Pacific Northwest artists, carrying their finely crafted work alongside handmade and unique global goods.  In 2018 the shop began a new chapter in its book under new ownership, and in its newest incarnation it will begin to return to its roots.

Carrying handcrafted goods from across the United States and ethically sourced fair trade merchandise, as well as a small gallery of curated local art, the Red Cock Artisan Marketplace will allow you to see and purchase original paintings, photography, pottery, glass works, and other art.  Handmade jewelry, soaps and home goods fill our shelves, as well as an assortment of clothing, and each time you visit you'll be greeted with new discoveries and treasures.  We feel as though Red Cock Artisan Marketplace is the culmination of a lifetime of our hopes and dreams, and as artists ourselves, we knew we could come together to give a home to unique products and original art made locally with love and attention to detail for our patrons to discover.

We know though that the story didn't start with us - and our hope is to continue to allow Laurel to live on through the store, her friends, and the beautiful stories they've told us about the past 40+ years.  If at the end of our days we have as much positivity and beauty surrounding our memories as Laurel does, we know we will have lived a life well loved.  The store started with a dream, and continues for the Love of Laurel