Changes are happening

Good morning!
Its been a busy few weeks since we took over the store at the beginning of July.  In the last three weeks we have totally rearranged the store, done some deep cleaning, and started sorting through inventory (plus brought in some fun new merchandise!).  We also did a walk through and laid out our new floor plan for the renovation this fall - which we are so excited about!
And if you haven't heard yet - there's going to a be a massive sidewalk sale July 26-29 with clothing, jewelry, and home decor on sale... you definitely want to stop by for it.
On a fun note - Rachel and I have been making new friends in town - from the girls that have worked at the store for the last few years (Hi Annie, Jood, Pam, and Kay!), to the fun guys over at ZuhG Life Surf Shop (be sure to check out their store) who have been so welcoming to us.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Laurel's son Ben yesterday, and that was so good to just be able to chat for a minute (and as a teaser... he's bringing me some art to look at next week, so for those of you who have been asking us where his work is, I have a feeling there's going to be some in the store soon!).
Just to wrap this up - here's some photos of the store and products we've been arranging and inventorying
Wander wild and free my friends!
- Rach and Krista