Coming Soon

Hi everyone!

Very soon you'll be able to follow us here as we continue on Laurel's wonderful story that she started in 1972 with the Red Cock Craftsmen's Outlet.  You'll notice some changes (minor adjustment to the name, and some fresh paint in the store) - but we hope to honor the spirit of what Laurel created, and to just keep adding on to what she has already built - through the store, the stories her beautiful friends tell, and the tribe of women that have kept the store running over the last two years.  Meanwhile, we will be blogging some of our remodel and updates, as well as new inventory, and information about our vendors and indie makers.  We hope you follow along!

Beginning in July the two of us (Rachel and Krista - "hello!") will be taking over the keys to the store.  We're two single moms; artists who met and bonded over photography in Idaho, and are recent transplants to the coast.  Our stories will be on here as well and we can't wait for you to get to know us.  In the meantime - please come by the store after July 10th to say hi in person and see who we are and why we are so thrilled to be able to keep the Red Cock open!  We are both overwhelmingly stoked to be a part of the Lincoln City - and Oregon Coastal - community and can't wait to get to know everybody!

All our love
Wander wild and free, friends...
Krista & Rachel